Benedictine statues in O'Grady

Our Catholic Benedictine tradition

Founded in 1895 by monks of Saint Martin's Abbey, 成人抖音 strives to be an inclusive community of learners and thinkers, rooted in tradition and inspired toward progress. Informed by the Catholic intellectual tradition and guided by its Benedictine values, Saint Martin成人抖音has an obligation to educate the next generation of leaders to be mindful citizens of the world who can exhibit wisdom and compassion in thought and through action. The university成人抖音core themes of faith, reason, service, and community reflect this holistic approach. At Saint Martin鈥檚, students, faculty, and staff think, pray, act, and live with heart.

Abbey Church and courtyard

Saint Martin's Abbey

Saint Martin's Abbey is a Benedictine community in Lacey, Washington.

St. Benedict statue

Benedictine values

The Rule of St. Benedict is a guiding text for Saint Martin's community.

1960s student


In 2020, Saint Martin's Abbey and University celebrated its 125th anniversary.

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