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Women in Technology (WIT) Club visits Microsoft

A group of students stand behind the Microsoft logo on the Microsoft campus

"Students said the visit to Microsoft was an invaluable learning experience, and our hosts were so gracious and informative!"

Women in Technology Club
Radana Dvorak, Ph.D.

The Women in Technology (WIT) student club at Saint Martin's University organized a visit to Microsoft for WIT and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) students. Adam Citterbart — software engineer at Microsoft and Saint Martin's graduate from the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy (MSSA) certificate program (predecessor to the current WaVets2Tech Certificate program) — organized a series of activities for an in-depth look at the company's operations and culture. This event, designed for students interested in technology careers, included a tour of the Microsoft campus and discussions with software engineers about the company's culture, job roles, hiring process and interview preparation.

During this special event, students had the chance to interact closely with experienced software engineers from Microsoft, providing them with a window into the company's culture and their personal experiences working as software engineers. Participants gained valuable insights into working at Microsoft and the technology industry at large. The event facilitated direct interaction with Microsoft software engineers, enabling students to ask questions and receive advice on pursuing careers in technology and insider tips on interviewing for tech jobs.

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many describing the visit as an invaluable learning experience. The WIT club at Saint Martin's University is grateful for the effort and dedication of Saint Martin˶MSSA graduate and his colleagues at Microsoft. The event underscored the MSSA graduate's commitment to leveraging their network and knowledge to benefit the next generation of tech innovators.

Microsoft tour photo gallery


Women in Technology club poses with cardboard cutout of Microsoft founders
WIT poses with images of Microsoft founders
Cardboard cutout of the Microsoft founders when young, with their signatures below
Image of Microsoft founders with their signatures
Students listen to a guide on Microsoft tour
Tour guide explains how Microsoft is utilizing AI driven software to denote growth for farmers around the world and provide data statistics and the proper time for growing crops
Students examine computers at Microsoft
Tour guide shows students how Copilot AI can write you a song simply by having you write a few notes of what type of song you want, e.g. hip hop, country, etc.
Students listen to a person speak in front of a long counter with some computers
Tour guide explains state of the art software, and students were able to interact with it
Glowing green room with text that says XBOX game pass
The XBOX Games Pass rooms allows students to view and play the latest Xbox games
Students sit at desk listening to talk at Microsoft
WIT listens to software engineer give tips on a tech careers
Students sit at rows of desks at Microsoft
WIT paid rapt attention - it's not every day you get to gain valuable career tips from a technology professional!
Radana Dvorak poses with Microsoft host
Radana Dvorak, Ph.D., with Microsoft host Adam Citterbart, graduate from the first Saint Martin's MSSA cohort 10 years ago
Students sit on a couch in a Microsoft lounge
Relaxing on Microsoft tour
A student makes the peace sign for the camera, a row of students standing behind her
WIT enjoying their Microsoft tour
Three women stand in front of the Microsoft logo on Microsoft campus
WaVets2Tech students posing with the  Microsoft logo

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